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Who is ‘Jesus Christ’? Hebrew name: ‘Yahshua ha Mashiach’. His name means: Yah’s Salvation, the Anointed King

READ the Bible HERE with YAH‘s Holy Name!

AUDIO Bible:  Old Testament   New Testament  (“Yahweh”)


12.25.16  – What does King YAHshua think of ‘Christmas’?

Let’s find out together. Are there any YAH Hoo!’s out there?


May His Kingdom come!
Perhaps in 2028. That will be 2000 years, which is 2  ‘1000-year-days’ for YAH, since King Yahshua left earth saying He would send us some help. Where-Oh-Where is YAH’s ‘Spirit of TRUTH’ today? Truth has certainly been ‘thrown down’. ‘It cast down truth to the ground, and it did its pleasure and prospered. Daniel 8:12)

It is now the ‘Midnight Hour’. The ‘Roman Beast’ is about to ‘prosper’ more than ever. It’s been ‘stomping the residue, of all of us. Ouch!  Daniel 7:19

Let’s follow the REAL King Yahshua together. Not the imitation king, about to appear. He will have tricks, just like the magicians of the Exodus.

This Son of YAH will come. Perhaps in under 12 years time. His Word says that He will kill the Roman Beast and the Whore of Babylon, as well as all who do not seek YAH in truth.  He will save those who obey (but don’t add to) His simple commandments. Which, most importantly, is to show loving kindness to one another. With your actions. Not just your words. And obey His Sabbath.  Here are 2 requirements to inherit eternal life:

  1. Don’t love the world or the things that are in the world. If anyone loves the world, the Father’s love isn’t in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, isn’t the Father’s, but is the world’s. The world is passing away with its lusts, but he who does God’s will remains forever. 1 John 2:15-17
  2.  Do NOT take the ‘Mark of the Beast’ to buy and sell. That disqualifies you for YAH’s kingdom. Rev. 13:15-17

October 12th, 2016, is ‘Day 10’ of our Father’s ‘High Holy Days’
‘Commandmant #10’ = Don’t covet other peoples stuff!
It is also Yom Kippur!

10 Days from Yom Teruah (Day of Shouting!) until Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).
10 Days because of God’s 10 commandments.

Day 1 – 1st Commandment: God is #1 (Yah is a jealous Father God!)
Day 2 – 2nd Commandment: No Images! (Don’t worship the work of YOUR hands!)
Day 3 – 3rd Commandment: Don’t TRASH my Holy Name! (YHVH = ‘YAH the Eternal Creator, VAH holding it all together’!)
Day 4 – 4th Commandment: Honor My Sabbath! (No work! Do Dad’s pleasure, not your own!)
Day 5 – 5th Commandment: Respect Dad & Mom! (Honor them with your actions!)
Day 6 – 6th Commandment: Don’t Murder.
Day 7 – 7th Commandment: Do not commit adultery.
Day 8 – 8th Commandment: Do not steal.
Day 9 – 9th Commandment: Do not lie about another person.
Day 10 – 10th Commandment: Do not covet anything of your neighbor’s!
YOM KIPPER (Day of Atonement – Holiest Day of the Year.)

was the atonement for our sins.
He is our King,
yet also YAH’s lamb which took away the sins of the world.

6 minutes with YAH  10.12.16  5th Commandment – (5th High Holy Day)
Don’t covet your neighbor’s stuff’! (Exodus 20)
Day 10 is Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).
Article on Yom Kippur – No work of food for 24 hours? LINK


6 minutes with YAH  10.11.16  6-10th Commandment – (6th -10th High Holy Days)
Follow YahShua – NOT Paul!
Day 9 – 9th Commandment: Do not lie about another person.


6 minutes with YAH  10.7.16  5th Commandment – (5th High Holy Day)
Respect your Father & Mother! (Exodus 20)
~ So you may ‘live long and prosper’. (Deuteronomy 5)
~ Are your parents drugged up in an old-folks home?
~ Have you ‘loving-kindnessed’ your parents lately? (Love in action.)
~ Dad’s, love your kids. Love them with loving-kindness.
~ Camp Outs, Picnics, outings. Family time. All Dad-type stuff.
~ Phones, Radios, Quickly Displayed ‘Images’ & the ‘Idiot Box’ are NOT Dad-type stuff.

6 minutes with
YAH  10.6.16
  4th Commandment – (4th High Holy Day)
Honor My Sabbath! NO Work for anybody!
~ Do Father Yah’s pleasure, not your own!
~ Remember My 7th day of creation and (Enter My) Rest!! (Exodus 20)
~ Remember that I freed you from bondage! (Deuteronomy 5)

6 minutes with
YAH  10.5.16
  3rd Commandment – (3rd High Holy Day)
Don’t TRASH my Holy Name!
~ Don’t make it ‘worthless’ or ‘for nothing’
~ Bible Publishers, Pastors, Priests and Rabbis the world over break this one!
~ ‘YAH’ is the name of our Father in Heaven. (Halle Lu YAH = Praise you, YAH!)
~ YAHshua is the Name of His Son  (means: ‘YAH’s salvation’ exactly like ‘Joshua’)

6 minutes with
YAH  10.4.16
  2nd Commandment – (2nd High Holy Day)
~ Do not create ‘Images’ of my creation. Don’t worship the work of your hands!

~ In 36 Days the world gets a new ‘Commander’ of the Roman Beast, currently ‘stomping the residue’. (Daniel 7)
~ If just less than half of the folks in the USA that have NEVER voted vote for a good guy, he’d win. See if you feel like postponing the horror. Must use a write-on, do it yourself ballot. A vote-riggers nightmare!)

6 minutes with
YAH  10.3.16
  Yom Teruah – Day of SHOUTING! (Not New Years Day!)
1st Commandment (1st High Holy Day)
“I am YHVH, NO ‘Mighty Ones’ against My Face!”
A scary day for the people. (Exodus 19)
~ Yah Himself SHOUTS down His ’10 Commandments’ (Exodus 20)
~ Give us a MAN King, like Moses. (Deut. 18:15-19)

YOM TERUAH (Day of Shouting!) Leviticus 23

It celebrates Mount Sinai & the giving of the 10 Commandments. (Exodus 19)
1st, the ram’s horn calls an assembly, and then those who love Yah are to SHOUT! Shout your praise to Yah for giving us simple rules to live by!

When Yah dished them out from Mount Sinai it was a scary day for the people. (Exodus 19) Fire, smoke, earthquakes, trumpet blasts. Then Yah Himself SHOUTS down His ’10 Commandments’ (Exodus 20) to all the people.

We discover later that they said “We do NOT want Yah to be our King. He is too scary!” Yah said ‘OK’. (Deut. 5:23-31) He said He’d give us a MAN King, like Moses. (Deut. 18:15-19) He would be ‘The Branch’. He would be ‘Yah’s Salvation’. In fact, that’s what His name IS, and it is what it means, ‘Yah’s Salvation’.  It is the exact same Hebrew name as ‘Joshua’, only no ‘J’ in Hebrew, so it is ‘Yahshua’. That IS Yah’s ‘firstborn Son’s’ name. It is NOT Jesus Christ.

The next 10 days are to reflect on each of the 10 commandments. Can you name them? (Exodus 20

Then we must ‘afflict our souls’ on the Day of Atonement.      We all have sinned….

BUT, only 5 Days later, let’s PARTY, for a whole week! BBQ Time. Camp out time! Family Time! Feast of Booths, or Tabernacles. It is time to spend a week with family, loving one another. (This one even happens in Yah’s Kingdom, coming soon! – Zech. 14:15-19)

Personal Note. I have not posted on this site for a while. I will resume now. I have been a watchman on a wall at George Feel free to check it out.

I ran across a LIE that I have been teaching. It has to do with God’s Name. This is of utmost importance to me. I’ll expand on this later.

For now, we can all agree on one thing. ‘Halle Lu Yah‘ means ‘Praise to Yah‘. ‘Kum by Yah‘ = ‘Come here Yah.’ So, God’s name is YAH!

‘Yod’ ‘Hey’, 2 Hebrew letters, are God’s name. The next two letters (Vav Hey) evidently are His favorite title. Like ‘Ivan the Terrible’, or ‘Rollo the Great’, Yah with His favorite Title is either: 1. Yah, the Eternal, 2. Yah the Almighty or 3. Yah the Creator. I’m not yet sure which. Perhaps he meant all three!

I’m also not sure how to pronounce it. I don’t know if it is possible to be sure! Lots of experts disagree. However, I AM sure of YAH. I’ll use that name with no additional title until I AM sure! Calling God ‘Yah’ was good enough for Moses. It’s good enough for me. (At least until I  get a chance to ‘inquire in His Temple’ with David. Psalm 27 

Seek YAH!
Shalom on this glorious Holy Day in which we are NOT supposed to work.  (I figure talking & writing about Him ain’t work! I’m sure He agrees.)

6 minutes with YHVH  6.30.16  Sabbath YES, Skullcaps NO!
‘Jesus’ #1 Rule is the Sh’ma!   Mark 12:28-31

~ The Sh’ma: ‘YHVH is our God, YHVH is one’. Deut. 6:4
~ Nehemiah Gordon teaches about the Sh’ma. LINK
~ Sabbath is FUN. Daytime ONLY?  Read THIS!
~ Don’t ADD to God’s Rules! Deut. 4:2
~ ‘Oral Law’ ‘Messy anTics’ should read THIS!
~ TRY to understand
Father / Son relationship. Mark 12:35-37, Psalm 110, Mark 12
~ Gideon spoke to YHVH, an Angel, a Prophet or ALL 3 ? Judges 6
~ Yeshua IS YHVH’s special Prophet. Deut. 18:15-19, Acts 3:22-23

Mark 12     (WITH YHVH’s proper NAME!)

‘6 minutes with YHVH’ commentaries are further down page.

What IS God’s Name? What’s His SON’s Name?
Proverbs 30:4

‘Jesus Christ’ (King Yehoshua) said: “Where two or three are gathered IN MY NAME…” Matthew 18:20

If you did not already know, God’s Holy Name has been removed from our Bible 7000 times! SHAME!

God values His Name & His Word above ALL! Psalm 138:2

God’s Name is four Hebrew letters:
יהוה = Yod Hey Vav Hey = YHVH = YehoVah  (Exodus 3:15)

God’s Name MEANS something! It’s important to Him! HE chose it!
(Isn’t your name important to you?)
Yod, Hey, Vav Hey equals three Hebrew vowels meaning:
He WAS, He IS, He WILL BE‘! Exodus 3:13-14
He is our everlasting , ALL powerful Creator! Rev. 14:7
He tells us NOT to make’ His Name, ‘YHVH’, into NOTHING!
It is right there IN His 3rd Commandment! Exodus. 20:7
The false translation: ‘Don’t take the name of the LORD your God in vain‘ ITSELF violates the commandment!
His name is notLORD’!
‘Lord’ or ‘Adoni’ in Hebrew, is one of His many titles. (‘Lord’ also mean ‘Baal’!)
WOE to you scribes and Pharisees!

NOTE to Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, and all self-appointed Shepherds:
USE IT OR LOSE IT!”     “REPENT!”     Zechariah 14:9
The words “I never knew you” may come to mind. Matthew 7:23

God’s Name is YHWH, pronounced: Yehovah!
Enjoy it! Speak it. Love it! Make songs to Him using HIS ACTUAL NAME loved ones!
He blesses those who do! Exodus 20:24
His loving kindness endues FOREVER because He always will be!
And He gives His children eternal life too! Wow!
Halle Lu YAH! (Which means Praise to YAH – a shortened, poetic form of YehoVah.)

NOTE: The ‘W’ sound is pronounced like a ‘V’ in Hebrew. There is no ‘J’ in Hebrew.
You can watch this Hebrew scholar’s riveting explanation HERE
Second witness: Blue Letter Bible. Click on the sound of His Name, ‘Yehovah’.

What’s YHVH‘s SON’s Name? Proverbs 30:4
It is NOT ‘Jesus Christ’!
His Name is YehoShua = YHVH‘s Salvation
Because YHVH saves us from our SIN. Matthew 1:21
Yehoshua‘ is often shortened to ‘Yeshua‘. (Exact same name as Joshua.)
Yehoshua ha Mashiach, God’s chosen King FOREVER, soon gets a NEW Name:

The ‘Word of Yehovah‘ Revelation 19:13

Yehoshua did NOT abolish the LAW. He upheld it! Matthew 5:18
Yeshua was YHVH’s special prophet. Deut. 18:15-19, Acts 3:22-23
Speaking just what the Father taught Him. John 8:28
Yeshua glorified Father YHVH, in EVERY way. John 17:1
“I ONLY say & do the will of My Father” John 8:28
“I am your ONLY Teacher!” Matthew 23:10
“Accept NO Money for My Words!” Matthew 10:8
Love + OBEY YHVH!   Love + GIVE to all others!” Matthew 19
Obey the 10 Commandments!” Matthew 19:17
“Forgive and PRAY for one another.” James 5:16
“Become children of PEACE!” Matthew 18:3, 5:19
FOLLOW ME!” Matthew 4:19, 8:22, 9:9, 10:38, 16:24, 19:21, etc…
“YHVH’s will be done!” “YHVH’s Kingdom Come!” Matt. 6:9-13
“Father’s house is a House of PRAYER! Matthew 21:13

Yehoshua told us to pray for His Kingdom to come. Matt. 6:9-13
He is gathering His sheep. Are you one? We have been scattered! John 10:16
All Hell has broken loose on earth. Lies abound. Zechariah 3:1 Revelation 2:10
Yehoshua is the only door out of this evil world and into eternal life. John 10:7
He is the King in the Word To Come. Isaiah 9:6
He is the good Shepherd. John 10:14
We ALL are the sheep of His ONE pasture! John 10:16
In other words, ALL humble HUMANS with LOVE in their heart.
Still reading? Do you have real love in your heart? Do you hate evil and injustice?
If so, Yehoshua stands at your door. He is knocking… Let Him in… Revelation 3:20

YHVH’s Word has been brutalized by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Matthew 7:15
Folks follow ‘Pharisee Paul’ instead of our Good Shepherd and our King, Yehoshua. John 10:1
(This is key to releasing your mind from confusion loved exposes this truth well.)
May YHVH direct us as we rediscover and guard His Word! John 17:6

YHVH’s Name has been ‘made nothing‘ by false ‘Rabbis’, ‘Priests’, ‘Pastors’ and ‘Shepherds’. Proverbs 18:10
May YHVH help us all revive His Name. John 17:26
As we get closer, may Yehovah increase our LOVE, JOY and PEACE!

Believe in the LIGHT! Become son’s of LIGHT! John 12:35-36
While we are waiting for YHVH’s Kingdom we must be LIGHTS ON A HILL. Matt. 5:14-16

Are you YHVH’s child, a prince or princess patiently waiting for our inheritance?  Isaiah 11:9
If so, ask Yeshua to help you not let the cares and oppression of this world get you down. John 16:33
Humble yourself and become like a little child. Micah 6:8, Matthew 18:1-3
Don’t let the ruler of this word have any hold on you. John 14:30
Yeshua has overcome this world. John 16:33

Or are you a follower of this world which leads only to DEATH.
NOT eternal punishment loved ones. Another lie of Satan and His minions.
He too will NO LONGER EXIST! Ezekiel 28:12-19
(This is another key to releasing your mind from Satan’s teachings. does a good job.)
He has judged Satan. John 16:11
Satan’s time is short. Isaiah 14:16
He will BE NO MORE. Ezekiel 28:19
Woo Hoo! Halle lu YAH!

May we see Our King soon as we all say: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of YehoVah!” Matthew 23:39
“Baruch Haba B’Shem Yehovah!”

About this website.

George Washington Dotcom owns this site.
George was taught, and has believed, many, MANY lies.
The biggest ones are about God & His Son. Those will be addressed here.
‘’ now attempts to honor what Yehovah values above ALL:
His NAME and His WORD (Psalm 138)

George is committed to speaking only TRUTH on his sites. John 17:17
However, most folks are in LOVE with their OWN truth.
George was too! He understands.
He hopes to develop a website called ‘What Lies Do We Still Believe?’

But for the workers of LIGHT, let’s form a friendly MILITIA.(com)
M.I.L.I.T.I.A. = Many, In Love, In Truth, In Action
Love and Truth in Action is what YHVH and His Son, our King, approves of! Rev. 2
Our first task is to PRAY for Yehovah’s Kingdom to COME! And help your neighbor with love.

Keep in mind, the Ruler of this world has us ALL believing LIES.
(Terror, False Flags, ET, JFK, 911, War, Sex, Drugs, Media, Banks, Religion, NWO, etc..)
Ditch this world of deception. Turn OFF their ‘Idiot Box’, their ‘Phoney’ & ‘Why-Fri’ too.
Turn to Yehovah! (And maybe start a garden. YHVH loves gardens!)
Listen to His Word: OT link  NT link
Read His Word: BIBLE
Love (give to) one another. John 13:34-35
He forgives ALL if we humbly repent and choose to “sin no more”. Ezekiel 33

6 minutes with YHVH’s Word

Daily Commentary & Blessing

6 minutes with YHVH  6.12.16  Shavu’ot – Pentecost
YHVH’s glory shown to Abraham   Exodus 34:6-7

~ How to be forgiven and inherit eternal life: Ezekiel 18, Ezekiel 33
~ Obedient LIVE. Sinners DIE. Psalm 37:38-39
~ Fear YHVH. Keep His commandments. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Matthew 19:16-17
~ The truth about Shavu’ot (Pentecost) – Teaching from Nehemiah Gordon

6 minutes with YHVH  5.20.16  Sabbath Required?
Please DON’T BE WRONG ABOUT THIS!  Isaiah 56:6
Ex. 20:8-9, Deut. 5:12-15, Lev. 25:6, Ex. 23:12, Ex. 31:13, Exodus 31:16-17

~  Sabbath IS for Foreigners / Gentiles!  Isaiah 56:6
~   “One Flock!” “One People!” ONE!   John 17:20 , John 11:51-52
~  Link to new Sabbath Page on this website.
~  Link to BEST Sabbath Teaching I’ve ever seen: Nehimiah Gordon
~  Link to Geo Engineering Watch referenced in ‘6 Minitue’ episode.

6 minutes with YHVH  5.13.16  GENTILES & Sabbath? Isaiah 56-58
Is loving YHVH’s Sabbath required to inherit eternal life?
YHVH’s answer in Isaiah 56 – 58.

~  Link to YHVH’s Word, Isaiah 56Read through 58.
Read above or listen below. Isaiah 56-58 (12 minutes.)

Isaiah (Salvation of Yah) Chapters 56-58.
(12 Minutes)

6 minutes with YHVH  5.13.16  Getting to know Dad. (Audio only for now.)
~  We walk in darkness now. ~  Psalm 82:5
~  Sunrise to Sunset Sabbath?  ~ Jesus Words Only
~  ‘Teacher’ Michael Rood Loves Father YHVH!  A Rood Awakening
~  No Rats, Cats, Dog or Pig! (YHVH’s garbage cans.) Rood: Session 3

Let’s get to know Dad!

6 minutes with YHVH  5.3.16  Is NOT following Father YHVH ‘Idolatry’? (Audio only for now.)
~  Who or What do YOU ‘Idolize’? ~  Psalm 81:12-13
~  A ‘Rock Star’ or the ‘Rock of Ages’?  ~ Isaiah 26:4
~  We are all YHVH’s kids.” ~ John 10:34, Psalm 82:6
~  Love Dad. Love all human ‘earthlings’. Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:37

6 Minutes with YHVH – Is NOT Following Yehoshua IDOLATRY?

6 minutes with YHVH  5.7.16  Warning to the Wicked! (Audio only for now.)
WARNING to the Wicked! ~  Ezekiel 3:18-19
~  WOE to those who call ‘Evil’ “GOOD!  ~ Isaiah 5:20
~  Workers of Evil HATE the Light!’. John 3:20
Spotlight on Trump. LINK
Spotlight on Hillary. LINK
Spotlight on them both! LINK
Spotlight on USA & Syria. (Shame on US!) LINK

‘Light Workers’ are ‘Good Deed Doers’ who Shine-the-Light on EVIL.

6 minutes with YHVH  5.1.16  YHVH said: “REPENT, and LIVE!” (Audio only for now.)
~  YHVH says “Turn from your sin to live”. ~ Read or Listen to Ezekiel 18 & 33
~  John the Baptist said: “Turn from your sin to live.”  ~ Matthew 3
~  Yehoshua said: “Turn from your sin to live.” ~ Matthew 4:17

6 Minutes with YHVH – The Righteous will live in Dad’s Kingdom. Sinners will die.

Ezekiel 18

6 minutes with YHVH  4.24.16  Doing Father’s will. (Audio only for now.)
~  Yeshua talked about this evil world. ~ John 7:7
~  Is your life about you or DAD?  ~ John 7:16-18
~  Listen to Book of John, Chapter 7. ~ New Testament Audio Link


6 minutes with YHVH  4.22.16  YHVH’s ‘Passover Lamb’ (Audio only for now.)
~  The Passover ~ Exodus 12
~  YHVH’s Prophet ~ Deuteronomy 18
~  YHVH’s Lamb ~ John 1

Click to: Listen to: Exodus 12 (Passover), Deuteronomy 18 (YHVH’s special Prophet), John 1 (The Lamb of YHVH)


6 minutes with YHVH  4.19.16  ‘Song of Moses’ is for us today! (Audio only for now.)
~  Song of Moses ~ Deuteronomy 32


Deuteronomy 32 – The ‘Song of Moses’


6 minutes with YHVH  4.16.16  How to obtain “Eyes to See”! (Audio only for now.)
BEST Eye-Opening interview! ~ Part 1
~  SO helpful for “Ears to Hear” ~ Part 2
~  His Website: Jesus Words Only

Yehoshua should be our ONLY Teacher. Matt. 23:10
Is YHVH’s Kingdom YOUR “Treasure”? Matt. 13:44
Are you willing to PROCLAIM His Kingdom? Luke 9:60
Are you “like a Child”? Matt. 18:3, Luke 18:17, Mark 10:14
Are you doing Dad’s will? Matt. 7:21
Are you RICH? (Uh oh!) Matt. 19:23-24, James 5:1
Are you POOR? (Whew!) Luke 6:20, James 2:5
Are you a Repentant SINNER? Mark 2:17, Matt. 9:12-13
Are you ready for Yeshua’s wedding? Matt. 22:8-10

6 minutes with YHVH  4.15.16  Seek Dad, not this world’s distractions! (Audio only for now.)
“Don’t we all have one Father?.” Malachi 2:10
Our Father, who is in heaven, holy is your NAME” ~ How to pray.

6 Minutes – Seek our Father (and siblings) while in this world of unrighteousness.

Book of Zephaniah (Treasured of Yah)

Book of Malachi (My Messenger)

6 minutes with YHVH  4.8.16  One Shepherd, One Flock! (Audio only for now.)
“One flock with one shepherd.” John. 10:16
Yeshua is the GOOD shepherd. ~ Isaiah 40:10-11
Don’t follow the One-eyed worthless shepherd! ~ Zechariah 11:17

John Chapters 9 – 11

6 minutes with YHVH  4.6.16  REAL Health Tips! (Audio only for now.)
Juice Veggies! Heal Fast! Watch: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead!
Cheap Malaria Cure Suppressed! ~ Red Cross guilty of Mass Murder.
Autism CURED with drops of cheap liquid. ~ CD
Jim Humble Discovered Cures! A Hero!
~  Toothaches disappear! Gums Heal!  CD Drops – Simple!
~  Hemp Oil cures cancer!


6 minutes with YHVH  4.3.16  Your MONEY or your LIFE?  BOTH! (Audio only for now.)
You’ll need a ‘MARK’ to buy or sell. Revelation 13:16-17
Say good bye to YOUR cash? ~ Banks will soon take our savings. (Audio)
Public Banking IS the solution. ~ Public Banking
Ellen Brown, a real-life hero!
~  Delightful song: ‘Bugger the Bankers


6 minutes with YHVH  3.27.16 RESURECTION DAY!  (Audio only for now.)
Who is resurrected to LIFE? ~ Isaiah 58
Worship Music from Africa – YHVH must smile. ~ LINK

6 Minutes with YHVH – Resurection Day!

Isaiah 58 – Audio with YHVH’s Holy Name.


6 minutes with YHVH  3.22.16  (Audio only for now.)
Who is ISRAEL? ~ Zephaniah 3:13, John 1:47
~  Did Israeli planes destroy the U.S.S. Liberty and it’s crew?  Dead In The Water
~  Who’s behind Communism? NWO: Communism By The Back Door.
~  Hitler!  IS ALL we’ve been told TRUE?The Greatest Story Never Told
~  The truth about modern Israel?The General’s Son
~  Holocaust or Holohoax? Broadcast on German TV


6 minutes with YHVH  3.17.16  (Audio only for now.)
~  Waiting for Rapture or Kingdom? ~ Luke 23:50-51
~  Should we follow RULES? – Matthew 18:3


6 minutes (12 minutes today) with YHVH  3.14.16  (Audio only for now.)
YHVH Plan for Earth. ~ Zephaniah
~  They will all call on Yehovah’s name Zephaniah 3:9 – 13
~  Wicked destroyed. Righteous saved. Zephaniah 3:11-13

The Book of the Prophet Zephaniah (His name means ‘Treasured of Yah!’) – 12 minutes


6 minutes with YHVH  3.13.16  (Audio only for now.)
YHVH’s Plan for Whole Earth. ~ Isaiah 14
~  Are you Satan’s child or YHVH’s child? ~ John 8:44, 1 John 3:10
~  May YHVH’s Kingdom come!! –  ‘The Lord’s’ Prayer (Yehoshua’s Prayer)

Isaiah 14

6 minutes with YHVH  3.11.16  (Audio only for now.)
1000 year reign of YHVH. ~ Revelation 20
~  DON’T take Mark of Beast! ~ I WON’T Take The Mark! Help for kids too!
~  Song about YHVH’s Kingdom –  Happiness! (Minute 3:07 – 8:40)

Revelation 20

6 minutes with YHVH  3.10.16  (Audio only for now.)
YHVH’s 1000 year Sabbath. Who is invited?. ~ Isaiah 56:1-8
~  Earth is being Destroyed ~ Link to: ‘Geo Engineering Watch
~  Earth is being destroyed.  Link to: ‘The Big Wobble
~  “When you see these signs, you know end of age is coming”. Matthew 24

Isaiah 56- Audio

6 minutes with YHVH  3.6.16  (Audio only for now.)
YHVH is our LIGHT and our Salvation. ~ Ps. 27:1
~  Yehovah’s Salvation (Yeshua) is the LIGHT ~ John 8:12
~  Are you YHVH’s LIGHT too? Matt. 5:16


6 minutes with YHVH  3.4.16  (Audio only for now.)
TEST Yourself. ~ Isaiah 56:6-8
~  Tomorow is Dad’s Day! (Saturday loved ones, NOT Sunday.)
~  Shabbat Shalom! (Peaceful Sabbath!)

Isaiah 56 – WOW!!!    Us GENTILES are in His coming KINGDOM on earth TOO!

6 minutes with YHVH  3.3.16  (Audio only for now.)
Let all flesh bless His Holy Name. ~ Ps. 145:2
Yeshua’s prayer (YHVH’s teaching for us.)
~  Psalm 145
~  Exodus 6


6 minutes with YHVH  3.2.16  (Audio only for now.)
Muslims and Scientologists are saved?
~  YHVH will pay us what we ALL deserve, according to our DEEDS. ~ Isaiah 59:18
~ ‘Good Deed Doers’ are saved. ~ Micah 6:8

6 minutes with YHVH 2.29.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ The Only Way to Father’s House – Luke 10
~ Feed and care for your Brothers and Sisters.
~ Good children welcome. Bad children NOT!


6 minutes with YHVH 2.24.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Don’t Love the World! – John 15:19, James 4:4
~ Eternal Security? Decide after reading Ezekiel 33!
~ Medical benefits of marijuana.


6 minutes with YHVH 2.21.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Music in YHVH – Isaiah 30:29-32
~ Dance before YHVH! Link to AWESOME song about David dancing before YHVH! Hermon Choir
~ 2nd Passover & Exodus, NOT Rapture!

‘The LORD’s Prayer – Yeshua’s 1 minute Prayer For Us in SONG! (Feel free to improve! and post. Tag it: ‘Yehovah Ahava‘ – Or tag ANY music speaking Yehovah’s name! We may link to it here.)


6 minutes with YHVH 2.20.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Psalm 27 Link to SONG!
~ Shabbat Shalom!Link to SONG!


6 minutes with YHVH 2.19.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ My Story
~ Follow ‘Jesus’ or Paul?
~ Rethinking


6 minutes with YHVH 2.18.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Calling the scattered sheep. John 10:16, John 11:51-52
~ Yehoshua, our brother and King is the only Good Shepherd. John 10:14
~ Follow ‘Jesus’ or follow Paul?


6 minutes with YHVH 2.15.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Yeshus’s Chill-Pill – John Chapters. 14-17
~ Take off your shoes. Holy ground!
Audio Bible Links: Old Testament New Testament


6 minutes with YHVH 2.13.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ The REAL Gospel in (about) 6 minutes. (1st try)

6 minutes with YHVH 2.11.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ YHVH is our Father and Teacher
~ Psalm 145

6 minutes with YHVH 2.10.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Who goes to YHVH’s Kingdom?
~ Holy Spirit is teacher.

6 minutes with YHVH   2.9.16    (Audio only for now.)
~ Yehoshua opened the door to Father’s house.
~ YHVH knows our thoughts.
~ Hebrew Matthew.
Original Hebrew Matthew Links: Audio Written

6 minutes with YHVH   2.7.16    (Audio only for now.)
~ LOVE = Ahava = To Give
~ The Gospel: Be Good!
~ Revelation 14:6-12

6 minutes with YHVH 2.6.16  (Audio only for now.)
~ Sabbath is for ALL People! Isaiah 56:6-8
~ LINK to Sabbath Information for ALL –
Today’s Song: Shabbath Shalom by Johnathan Settel – FUN!

6 minutes with YHVH   2.5.16    (Audio only for now.)
~ YHVH,s Name & Word higher than ALL else! Ps. 138
LINK Understanding YHVH’s actual NAME! (Nehemia Gordon)
LINK to best written explanation of pronunciation.
Song: Question by Kerry Alexander (Proverbs 30:4 – What is God’s Name & His Son’s Name?)

6 minutes with YHVH   2.4.16    (Audio only for now.)
~ Triumphal Entry Ps. 118
~ Come to Ephriam July 4th, 2016! Halle Lu YAH Festival!
Link: Maria Khoury’s invitation to Ephriam/Taybeh :-)

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