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News from a Christ centered perspective.
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The current ‘big picture’ on earth is Satan’s plan to rule the world. (Revelation 13:11-18) Education, entertainment and media are his weapons. Global bankers are his chief henchmen. We must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves as we help one another recognize their lies. (Matthew 10:16)

We must recognize the Signs of the Times! (Matthew 16:1-3)

Honest News


Let’s pray! All prayers of God’s children are before His throne. (Revelation 5:8)

Like any other parent, our Father in heaven likes to hear from us! Here we can pray for one another. By placing our prayers here we may be joined in prayer by many throughout the world.

Jesus Christ said: “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’?” Mark 11:17

Prayer Requests


                        1 Cor. 10:2-4                                                                      Deut. 32:4

Is the USA the “Babylon” of Revelation 18 that will be destroyed in one hour?

Revelation 18 talks of a country the Bible calls “Babylon” that is destroyed by fire in “one hour” and plagued with “death, mourning and famine”. Revelation 18:8

Is it the USA? Is it a city in Iraq? Why is it even important?

Obviously salvation is FAR more important. And if you have not yet surrendered to Jesus Christ for your salvation please carefully read the Word of God and perhaps the sliders above.

But for some of us who trust in the Lord it could be important. Why? Because God says “Come out of her, my people” Revelation 18:4

If we are one of God’s “people” then shouldn’t we know where He is talking about and when the promised destruction will occur?

We’ll leave the ‘when’ question for the next topic. For now let’s explore the possibility of the USA being the Babylon spoken of in Revelation 18.

So, the Rocktagon asks: Could “Babylon” be the USA?

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