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Are Disasters God’s Wake-up Call?


5450 miles away to our West is grief stricken Japan, currently dealing with a terrible earthquake, a ravishing tsunami and a nuclear melt down. LINK Many there are cold, homeless and hungry. All are heartbroken. as are we.

Much of the world is currently revolting against their rulers.

Globally, we are on an economic precipice. LINK Many are in despair. For many, these are terrible times.

So, the Rocktagon asks this question: Are disasters God’s wake up call?

Should folks be angry with God? If He is God couldn’t He stop this? Wouldn’t a good God stop this?

Or is God allowing Satan a free hand and the fruits of our sin to take its course. Is He reminding us that we ignore Him at our peril?

Jesus Christ once was asked by His disciples what signs would signify the close of the age. (Matthew 24:3-8) He answered: “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains”. He then added that before the end would come the Gospel of God’s Kingdom would be preached in the whole world. (Matthew 24:9-14)

This website is seen globally. Earthquakes abound. LINK Our rulers have engineered perpetual war. LINK Are these the times referred to by Christ?

Even if you don’t think so it may not hurt to be more informed and more prepared. Be sure to check out our Sign of the Times news entries for today, 3/17/11. More earthquakes are predicted. ‘Reactor #3’ is filled with plutonium (MOX fuel). It is MUCH worse than uranium!

First, please hover over these verses: Psalm 107:25, Isaiah 45:7, Jeremiah 31:35, Isaiah 55:11, Matthew 8:24-26.

It quickly becomes obvious that God’s Word says that He is in control. He calls on the entire world to repent. To turn from our wicked ways and seek peace in love and in truth.

Jeremiah 18:6-12 says God brings disaster on nations. But if they turn from their evil God will relent.

I fear for the USA. I pray to God that we can collectively expose evil (Eph. 5:11) and turn toward God.

Though we are all called to do our part, our hope must not be in the response of the rest of mankind. Our hope must be in the One who claimed to have conquered death (Romans 6:7-9) and overcome this world (John 16:33) (1 John 5:1-5); Jesus the Christ, HaMashiach Jeshua (Jesus the Messiah), the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

His Kingdom is coming. It is what He taught us to pray for. Matthew 6:9-10

And His heavenly Kingdom for us will be COOL! Philippians 3:20, 1 Corinthians 2:9

His new heaven and new earth for His bride will be nice too! Isaiah 65:17-25

Let us do as the Lord taught: love God and love others. This means we are to help our neighbor. Right now, most of us can use a lot of help.

Feel free to comment or disagree. This is, after all, the Rocktagon!

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  2. JesusChrist.comUnity says:


  3. if we love him…that means that he has called us…if we feel attracted towards the lord…then..for sure it is god’s will…let us all thank god for calling us…..

  4. I fill im a young believer beocuse no matter how many times.i.fill that im ready to leave this earth he tells me that its not my time and that i have a purpose .to encourage other young believers to have faith ..and that it is a higher power and thank you all for your encouragement GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  5. I Love U Jesus Christ With My All And I Hope To See You Very Soon

  6. Allen Wang says:

    You Are Forgiven, My Friend! My God Heard You And Will
    Be Forgiven Of Your Sins And Always Obey And Trust Him!

  7. I agree with the over all sentiment here- I am very blessed to be on the side with Yeshua leading the way. I completely trust in Him for everything. I love you, LORD!

  8. thank u for everything Jesus i love u…. please forgive me for what i have done…. jesus your my inspiration

  9. thank u for everything jesus i love u…. please forgive me for what i have done….

  10. thank u jesus…

  11. i love u jesus i trust jesus i believe jesus…. Lord thanks for all the blessings that u give to us…. have mercy on us

  12. Rathish @ solomon says:

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  13. Rathish @ solomon says:

    please save me jesus…!

  14. Rathish @ solomon says:

    Jesus christ is the real god in the world……!

    Lot religious in the world., But all are accepting only a computerised date of AD (ANNO DOMINO) BC (BEFORE CHRIST) Why all are accepting., jesus is real god. JESUS CHRIST IS ONLY WAY OF ALL WORLD


  15. Sajeev Vasudevan says:

    Jesus the greatest God of all times…..
    Sacrifice is the extreme end of love.. No God in any religion has sacrificed for humans…
    Only because of his greatest sacrifice the love still exists in humans…
    Still people love each other only because of greatest God Jesus christ…..
    Love you Jesus… Love you forever……

  16. Onyeka Alaegbulem says:

    Jesus is the reason why we are life today and He is reason why we cerebrate christmas may we cerebrate according to his will. Jesus may rain forever in my life amen.

  17. daniel osborne says:

    Jesus Christ is king of kings

  18. i love jesus forever
    he will forgive me I trust in u & ur love jesus
    what i want to do? i’m allways doing bad works y?
    i need ur love forever, i do not want live in the world..
    please take with u jesus please.


  19. Danny Kasto says:

    Beautifully put!! God help myself and all your followers to recognise the best way to serve You and to communicate the joy of our faith to others so they also may connect with You Lord. I love you Jesus Christ,

  20. Avishek Roy says:

    Every word sent a chill down my spine that carried with it a shudder of awakenings. I felt cold.
    True art thou.

  21. Debi Jean Peck says:

    Eloquently put. Thank you for your words.

  22. Gary Granato says:

    GOD is calling to all of us. But, how many of us are responding? Will it take a burning bush experience to wake us up? Last year an eighteen-wheeled tanker filled with thousands of gallons of gasoline tipped over in Everett, MA. The tanker split open spilling most of its load. A spark from the rollover ignited the fuel and two double-decker homes and twenty-one cars parked on the street were completely engulfed and destroyed by the flames. Thank GOD that not even one person was even hurt.
    Will this experience cause some in Everett to bend their knees and say, “JESUS, what are YOU telling us?” Especially the 23 people who narrowly excaped with their lives as flames surrounded them as they slept; but GOD took them by the hand and led them to safety. GOD is calling to us whenever HE lets these disasters happen. HE calls to us from different spots around the world daily.
    GOD shows us that any of us could be thrust into eternity after our next blink. We’re only visitors here on earth. I can’t emphasize that enough! GOD created us to do something for HIM; your purpose might be over tomorrow. Are you living your life in preparation to meet JESUS, or are you living just to please yourself?

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