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Hell: A cruel LIE.

The wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23)
Jesus said believers shall not “perish” but will “inherit eternal life“. (John 3:16)

How did the lie that God tortures folks forever come about?

To understand the big picture watch the video below by Edward Fudge.
If your time is short watch the first video, it is a 15 minute portion.
His full one hour presentation is the second one down.

Two great articles are also linked below, a short one and a more in depth one.
Reading these will equip you with the truth about our Savior, who saves us from death.

God gives eternal life to those that love Him. (John 6:40)
We do not posses eternal life now. Only God is immortal.
He who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who alone possesses immortality…” (1 Tim 6:15-16)

Sadly, most believe Satan’s first lie to mankind.
You shall NOT die, you shall be like God“.
(Genesis 3:4-5)

Jesus said: “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28

Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. … And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, … And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.‘ (Revelation 20:11-15) This is the ‘second death‘. It is final. All those that did not “inherit eternal life” will be dead. Gone for all eternity.

Here is the complete, 1 hour presentation given by Edward Fudge, author of The Fire that Consumes. View it and better understand our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Below are two articles. Each is extremely readable. The first one prints out to about 16 pages. The second is longer and goes into greater detail. If you read them you can not help but be convinced that God did not establish an eternal torture chamber called hell. The idea is detestable.

John Stott, one of the best known theologians of our time, who wrote the book ‘Basic Christianity‘, changed his view. Can you?

Jesus Christ died on our behalf. He wasn’t tortured forever. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

He rose from the dead. He has power over death. God is a giver of LIFE, and to those that love Him, ETERNAL LIFE!

Article 1. HELL: Eternal Torment or Complete Annihilation?

It seems to me that nearly the entire Bible teaches that eternal life is only experienced in Heaven, that Hell is a place of complete destruction and annihilation. There are many scripture passages that seem to clearly teach this, but there are others that admittedly seem to teach the traditional view as well. The Bible must never be thought to contradict itself, regardless of what simple meanings may be found in certain verses. When two positions seem to come at odds with one another, one must decide which view fits best in the overall interpretation of the Bible. Verses ought not to be taken by themselves but instead cross-checked against other scripture passages to decide what it is that the Lord is actually trying to teach us in His Word.

While some passages might seem to indicate one line of teaching and others seem to hint at a different one, there can be only one correct interpretation. Hell is either eternal or not—there is certainly no middle ground.

Click HERE for the rest of this 16 page article

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Few teachings have troubled the human conscience over the centuries more than the traditional view of hell as the place where the lost suffer conscious punishment in body and soul for all eternity. The prospect that one day a vast number of people will be consigned to the everlasting torment of hell is most disturbing and distressing to sensitive Christians. After all, almost everyone has friends or family members who have died without making a commitment to Christ. The prospect of one day seeing them agonizing in hell for all eternity can easily lead thinking Christians to say to God: “No thank you God. I am not interested in Your kind of paradise!”

Click HERE for the rest of this 38 page article.

The article above was found at the website:


  1. How does tormenting people forever glorify God? sounds more like repels and appalls disgusting!!! and anyone who believes it is sick in the head :-O

  2. JesusChrist.comUnity says:

    How about using Yehovah’s words to prove your points?

    Even Satan will “be no more forever”.

    All who know you among the peoples
    are appalled at you;
    you have come to a dreadful end
    and shall be no more forever.”

    (Ezekiel 28:19 ESV)

  3. the frightening reality is that hell must be eternel for three reasons: the first reason :is the god wants to prove his greatness,which has no limits through eternal life the second reason: the god must prove his justice because if the hell not eternel also the heavean will not be eternel and thats contradicts with his mercy the third reason:god almighty wants to proves his tyranny dominant,the king of the kings ,the one and only one.

  4. If God sends us to hell what’s the purpose of the devil? Is the devil just a pawn? Define the word love. I’d your child was a thief would you send them to the electric chair? He’ll contradicts love period.

  5. Yes, there IS a Hell, it is the Grave (Hades).

  6. Yes there is a hell, but Jesus said the body and soul are DESTROYED there (Matthew 10.28)not preserved…..

    Unsaved will “perish” – be “destroyed” the 2nd death.. not life forever in torment.

    The doctrine you can Google is called “Conditional Immortality.”

  7. I will be happy with God’s will being made manifest in Earth as it is in Heaven, and I am not in a position to question the plans of God. And God words is indeed steadfast and true, however man’s interpretation and the manner in which they wield their understanding tells me quite a bit. I currently do not see the word supporting eternal torment, and that is the manner in which I understand. Those that argue with great and zeal that torture is eternal seem to have a bit of love lust for the torture of those who have been deceived through their own folly to not see the loving hand of God and not grow to love Him, but indeed grow to love sin and develop great disdain for the One that gave them the breath in their lungs. I rejoice in knowing God’s will be done, and this world is just a hiccup in eternity, but after studying I can not convince myself in this present life that eternal torture is a desire of character of God I find in the entire word of God. If it turns out I am incorrect, there is no need to question God’s will, for it is perfect and righteous in all ways. I just do not see eternal torture any more. In many ways it makes absolutely no sense and the only reason I believed such things is others told me that is the way it is, and currently, after reading and striving to understand the word of God as we all do, I feel the word says otherwise.

  8. I think the question here is this. If Hell isn’t real, then what exactly did God sacrifice his son for? Draw your conclusions from that. The answer could be a number of things, but why not just try and help a loving parent to be happy as well. He’s not asking you to give up your life. He’s asking you to give up 100 years for an infinite timeless happiness. And how do we know what happens in hell? I agree that all we know is what we’ve been told but he is perfect. Satan’s not. He’s trying to rid the Earth of corruption but we as well aren’t perfect. To guide the playing field of non perfect creatures as a perfect being you have to play by non perfect rules. Some of us are corrupt. I don’t know all and I don’t pretend to know all. Knowing all would be a little boring I think, likened to playing a video game with cheat codes forever. As such these are just my thoughts, and I can’t understand the mind of God, especially not with human logic. So as my life stands, I’d rather just respond to love with love and to life with life and so I say, choose God! Although I’ll never understand, I don’t have to. I’ll just be guided back like a sheep to relax in heaven with a motorcycle and a cigarette that won’t kill me in heaven.

  9. Ebong Boni says:


  10. It is indeed sad that the loving Creator has been painted as a cruel torturer because of false ideas about hell, which is in fact, one of the most loving provisions made by God for the salvation of sinful mankind.
    Perhaps the best modern analogy to hell so as to understand its true nature and purpose is the recycle bin on our computers. We put files in the recycle bin that we do not intend to use for the time being, but they are still there in an inactive state, ready to be retrieved if we should want to revive them and use them again.
    The files aren’t doing anything while they are in the recycle bin and people in hell aren’t doing or experiencing anything while they are in hell…they basically “sleep” without dreaming while they await resurrection. No torture, no activity, no conscious existence while they are in hell(Hebrew “sheol”,literally “the hollow place”).
    The place referred to by the term “hellfire”, is not the same place as hell, but is used in some Bibles as a translation of the word “gehenna”, which was the name of the garbage dump outside of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day.
    So it is the equivalent of dumping a file from the recycle bin instead of retrieving it…it is destroyed and lost just as something thrown onto a burning garbage dump is destroyed and irretrievable. In fact, the Jews actually threw the dead bodies of criminals they considered so evil that they weren’t worthy of a resurrection onto the Gehenna garbage dump!
    So it’s not surprising that Jesus used that dump to illustrate the outcome for those God deemed worthy only of disposal and destruction. The criminals the Jews threw onto the garbage dump were not alive and suffered no torture…they were simply burned up and disappeared like all the other garbage.
    So basically, the wages of sin are death, not torture. If the sinner is deemed by God to be salvageable, the sinner goes to the temporary storage area(“recycle bin”, hell, sheol, the grave) and sleeps until called back to life. If the sinner is so hardened that there is no point in resurrecting him(in God’s opinion, not ours),then he goes to hellfire(Gehenna, the garbage dump) and disappears from the universe forever…permanent death.
    No, God doesn’t torture people, he gives them the best chance possible to gain eternal life and hell is his loving provision to give us that opportunity!

  11. JesusChrist.comUnity says:

    I know that you are sincere brother. But please do not teach that God is a sadistic, eternal torturer before you really investigate it for yourself.

    Ez 28 is a good place to start. Satan ‘will be no more forever’. How much plainer can God get? Same with John 3:16. Perish or live eternally.

  12. maame abenaa yeboah says:

    we get d real interpretation of d bible thru d help of d holy spirit not by might or wat one has learnt. Heaven nd hell are all for eternity..most of these articles will make pple continue to lead ungodly lifestyles which will lead them to d place of debate now Heaven is forever, so is hell forever. don’t be a victim cos Christ has made it soo easy to be in heaven..he’s at d back of ur door knocking, just open for him to dwell in..Hell is for Satan nd his angels but stubborn n disobedient pple will also be there’s d book of revelations..

  13. as i read this article i noticed the the witter is trying to make the world not fear again over the issue of hell but i want to ask if there is hell at all in the bible then is it for and who made hell and what was hell made for and when will hell expire and also can the soul and spirit of man be destroy and i want to say to the urthor of this Hell: A cruel LIE.” that bible is not mend to be understood with head knowledge eg i just believe that my mother is my mother i do not need an evidence the same way the truth is understood sooo if hell is reall what then is it for .

  14. Abba Imam says:

    I like the last comments of David as to calling “sinners to true repentance”. This is the true teachings of all scriptures from day one to all mankind, regardless of the docrine of original sin and the atonement of sin theories as profounded by st. Paul. This theory has been contradicted again and again within scriptural bible, and I quote. “The soul that sinner, it shall die”. Nobody bears the burden of oneanother, and this has been the law of God till eternity. The issue of father bearing the iniquities of his son is not acceptable in the sight of God who fathered everything, and everyone. And since God had forbade the use and enforcement of this law, how comes He allows it by providing his only son to implement it. Please findout the author of this contradiction, but certainly not God Himself. Godbless, God guide us aright.

  15. It is appropriate that wrote your comment in all caps, because you are trying to brow beat people into seeing things your way. Not using scripture, you use some man’s book. However, to keep it simple, the scriptures say more than 90 times that GOD’S MERCY ENDURES FOREVER. An everlasting hell of fiery torments without the hope of ever being released is totally contrary to the character of God – WHOSE MERCY ENDURES FOREVER!

  16. I have to disagree. I want you to look into alien encounters and how demonic spirits are able to disguise themselves as aliens. When people are taken onto supposed ships they are not able to move. The same thing happens when you deal with a demon, you cannot move but the name of Jesus will make both flee. What did Jesus say about satan disguising himself? In that 23 minutes of hell could it be that people were actually taken there by demons and not Jesus at all? He warned us that demons can be angels of light. I think we need to know the nature of an amazing God. One who died for us and does not give us freewill and than hold the nature of hell over our heads. God is not a dictator. The men of this earth are and it would behoove them for you to believe the same of your God. They hate Him. They want to be seen as your god. Everything they have taught you has led you down this road so that you will submit to them over the love of God..Jesus Christ.

  17. JesusChrist.comUnity says:

    People’s visions can be deceiving. God’s Word is steadfast and true. We are raised for judgement. Some to eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and some to eternal death in the Lake of Fire.

  18. Linda Winters says:

    I agree that I cannot fathom my God wanting to torture people for all eternit. But where is Bill Wiesse coming from? Did he make all that up to make $? I dont get it. But I know that I would not be happy in heaven knowing people that I knew and loved were being tortured forever. But even Mary K. Baxter (I think that is her name ) said that she went to hell. Please explain where their expieriences are coming from.

    Thank you.

    Linda Winters

  19. David Martin says:

    the real issue I have here is that Jesus Himself clearly spoke of hell as a real place, and an eternal one. That pretty much sums things up for me – however, He also provided a way of escape. Let us flee to Christ for salvation, and call sinners to true repentance.

  20. JesusChrist.comUnity says:

    Amen Janice. He is seeking Truth seekers. He IS the Truth. John 14:6

  21. Would a God who sacrificed his own son for our sake torment people in hell forever? What does the bible really say? The freewill that God gave us would not be consistent with a God that holds eternal hell over our heads. We will worship Him not because we are afraid of hell but because we truly love him. The ecumenical movement, the apostate pastors and preachers who are now joining allegiance with the vatican who have threatened for centuries, not just hell fire but purgatory in order to manipulate both catholic and protestants love the doctrine of eternal hell fire. Again, what does the bible say? The Lord says: “you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free” and “whom the son sets free is free indeed” “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

  22. Roger Harper says:

    Dear Gwen,

    Please think again. Bodies can only be indestructible when they are linked to Jesus – He alone is the resurection and the life.

    I have read ’23 Minutes in Hell.’ It is a description of Hades, not Gehenna. Hades is the place of darkness, of waiting for the Final Judgement. Gehenna is the lake of fire after the Final Judgement. Hades is a place of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it is a place, as Bill Wiese demonstrated, from which we can be saved by the One who has the keys of Hades. Wiese saw demons permanently chained up so they could not interfere with his own exit, or that of anyone else.

    For more detail see my book ‘The Lie of Hell’

    With love in Jesus

    Roger Harper

  23. JesusChrist.comUnity says:

    Hello Kelley,

    He is not a torturer. Please check out the page linked on top. ‘Hell – A cruel lie?’

    ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will inherit eternal life.’ John 3:16

    Please note that we will all die. We will all perish. The good news (gospel) is that you have a choice to believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins. If you do God will make you immortal to dwell with Christ forever. Woo Hoo!

    It is true He see the end from the beginning. He chooses whom He will, as not many seem to choose Him. We like to seek our own righteousness. How about YOU? Will you trust Him and what He has done for you? There certainly is no down side. You will either die in your sins or they will be as far from you as the East is from the West. :-) Psalm 103!

  24. If God is all knowing, and he already knew who was going to choose him and who wasn’t, the majority of people will be cast into the lake of fire, even some good people who just didn’t believe and tortured there for eternity for finite crimes, than God is more of a monster than Satan. God gives us freewill but if we decide not to choose him than we are tormented for eternity? How is that freewill? He’s basically saying if you don’t choose me I’ll damn you to an eternity of torment, it just blows my mind on how anyone can actually believe this garbage. That is the most sadistic doctrine I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s like telling your kid the boogie man is going to get you if you misbehave.

  25. Gwen,

    If you’ve read Revelations, you’ll understand that Hell, or Gehena (a literal lake of fire, constituting the second death), IS NOT YET IN EXISTENCE. This is POST second coming, not before. The idea that Hell exists right now is unfounded according to scripture. So, books like 23 Minutes in Hell, though compelling, are not in fact founded in accepted theology. It is essentially just a way for the author and the publishing company to make money off of people’s fears.

  26. JesusChrist.comUnity says:

    Dear Gwen,

    Please watch the video. In our hearts we know torturing is wrong. Who wants unsaved loved ones to suffer in pain forever? Nobody. Perhaps God, who created us, feels the same.

    “For as the new heavens and the new earth that I make shall remain before me, says the LORD, so shall your offspring and your name remain. From new moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship before me, declares the LORD. “And they shall go out and look on the dead bodies of the men who have rebelled against me. For their worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.”
    (Isaiah 66:22-24)

    Your chosen verse proves our point. The imagery depicts ‘dead bodies’ having been burned up and eaten by worms. They are indeed quite dead.

    The good news is that the saved, you and us, will get to worship God forever. Woo Hoo!


  28. Yose whose names are not written in the book were thrown into the Lake of fire and ou may have read the article that says hell is not forever, however, you need to do some research. Jesus spoke more about hell than anyone. The bible states that their torment shall ascend forever and ever, besides why would the righteous live forever and not the wicked? In Revelation there is a picture of the Great White Throne Judgement; Those not written in the books were thrown into the Lake of fire. It will be forever, night and day. Believe God and not man for man will lead you to an etrnity of hell. Seek and you shall find.

  29. Kristian RL says:

    I love Jesus…

  30. jesus loves you rejoice.the only people who go to hell are those who choose to go to hell.the price of sin is already paid.

  31. something to think about! God is not a lier, If he says it exsist then it is so. It maybe a hard thing to except, if your family member didn’t make peace with god before they past away. it is a possibilty that they may end up in hell. Everyone is responsible for there own soul. How could we have the ability or oppurtunity to choose if we didn’t have both extrems

  32. It seems obvious you have not read either article. The Sripture verses which torturists (a word I just invented) use to support their position are all expertly dealt with in the articles, especially the second one.

    Think about this. If a human judge was to sentence someone to a lifetime of torture all would object. We would want to fire the judge. And rightly so.

    I agree, Satan loves this lie.

  33. Luke.. Hell is Forever the God said so. The Article You read is False

  34. Wow! Amazing that I was taught God tortured folks forever! Can’tbelieve I never heard the other view. The arguments are extremely compelling. I’m happy to know my unsaved loved ones won’t be burning forever. Thanks for posting these clear articles!

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