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Free Lifetime Online Identity Your new name.

Eternal life is free for all who ask. So is your new name.


Lifetime online Identity.

At, folks will always find His ‘Good News’ (The Gospel), Scripture and Prayer. We’re here to stay.

Permanent and Portable

If you change providers (Yahoo!, Gmail, Facebook email, etc.), your email Identity will travel with you. It is compatible with all. can be your new name for life.

One catch. You must truly love the Lord to obtain an email Identity in Jesus Christ’s name.

It’s free. (Short names are for folks who want to partner with us financially.)

Your New Name:

Enter name that you wish to apply for.

The Benefits

Telling others that your name is ‘’
opens doors of opportunity to
share the Gospel.

Plus, you’ll often discover ‘family members’ who you’ll know forever.

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