400 Year Curse Lifted?

August 20, 2019

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This message is for ALL people. All religions. All ages. Everywhere.

Our Father in Heaven set up mankind with a 7-day week. Six days for us. One day with Dad. It will never change. It matches His bigger, overall plan; 6000 years for US with sins, lies, death and destruction. And then the 1000-year reign of our King, His Son on the throne. May Yah’s Kingdom come! Its proper time is just about now.

His proofs are on the table now. His stone tablets with His 10 Commandments have been found. Mt. Sinai has been located, as has Noah’s Ark, Sodom & Gomorrah, Joseph’s grain distribution center, Red Sea crossing site, and so much else (LINK) by a mostly-righteous saint named Ron Wyatt. But I digress.

This message is for Yah’s chosen people who will turn their hearts toward YAH and His 1st-born Son, our perfectly righteous King named ‘YAH’s Salvation’. You may know Him as Jesus. Others know Him as Joshua, Some as Jesu, or Gesu, or many other name pronunciations around the world.

But most folks around the world DO know our Father’s name. When we praise Him we all say HalleluYAH. Why? Because YAH is His Name. It means: Praise YAH! It is 2 Hebrew letters. A Yod and a Hey. In early pictograph language it means ‘Behold the Creator’. The second part is His 2-letter Title, which spells ‘Vah’. His Title means ‘Behold the Nail’.

His Name is 4 pictures: Arm, Behold, Nail, Behold
(Yod Hey Vav Hey – Yod = outstretched arm. Vav = Nail. Hey is a guy with his arms up high, as in HEY, look over here!
‘Arms’ create, they hug, they punish, they paint, they sculpt and slap. ‘Arms and hands’ do it all.
‘Nails’ hold things together.
Within His Name & Title we find the Hebrew words for ‘Is’, ‘Was’, and ‘Will be’ in Hebrew.

So, our Father in Heaven’s Name means: ‘Behold the Eternal Creator who is holding it ALL together.’
That’s why His Name is Holy and Awesome!
He hears your every noise. He sees your every act. Knows your every thought. Yearns for your love and for your constant gratitude for Him giving us ALL such an AWESOME creation!

His creation is now marred by death. We all must die. All living things must die for now. That is why His Son taught us to pray for Yah’s Kingdom to come! For Yah’s will to be done! And that means destruction. He will destroy the sinners of this world in the last days. He will shake things up good. Famines, earthquakes, floods, pestilence, and all His punishments are on their way.

Will you take notice? Will you repent and turn back to Dad? Will you cling to YAH? Obey His commandments in truth? Or will you listen to you those that, knowingly or unknowingly, steer you away from Yah. And His unchanging rules. Which is every ‘religion’ and every ‘church’ that I know of.

Here we will establish the ‘Church of YAH.’ And it resides wherever His saints are. Does it reside within you?

One of the names for Yah’s future Kingdom is called the ‘City of Truth’. So, we will start shedding the lies which are so thick we can hardly breath.

Our 1st lie addresses who ‘Israel’ really is. It is the YAH-full descendants of Jacob and those who attach themselves to them. As our King said, “Salvation is of the Jews.” The folks currently in the geographical location are Kazarians. Their ancestors came from Kazar, East of Jerusalem quite a ways. The actual descendants of Jacob are mostly dark-skinned with kinky hair. ‘Burnt-bronze skin’, and ‘hair like wool’. Kind of like how our Father in Heaven is described here and there in His Word. (LINK)

After today, August 20th, 2019, it’s possible that Israel’s real descendants may begin to awake in mass numbers. This is only IF the 400-year curse talked about in Genesis 15 has just been lifted. If you have not heard of it, please visit our Brother’s website at KingdomPreppers.org and look up his 400-Year Prophecy article. (LINK) His entire website is awesome! Spend some time there and you will begin to prepare for Yah’s Kingdom. KingdomPreppers.org. Simple.

And if you want to join Yah’s army, say out loud, “MY GOD IS YAH!”. That is what Elijah means.
The spirit of Elijah is now here. And it could be in YOU. (El Yah = Elijah = My God is Yah!)

Yah’s blessings to His chosen ones. May His Kingdom come! May His will be done